Kotobukiya Batman ArtFX Statue (Black Costume Version)


  • A Kotobukiya Japanese import
  • Another chance to own one of the original and most popular DC Comics ArtFX Statues
  • Battle-tattered cape swirls dynamically around the intimidating Batman
  • Posed in dramatic action
  • Details include Batman’s famed utility belt

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Kotobukiya presents a new variation on the Batman: Batman Black Costume.

This re-release presents an all new color scheme as well as some minor adjustments to the sculpt from the previous Batman statue from 2006.

With his battle-tattered cape swirling dynamically around him, Batman stikes an intimidating pose, striking fear into the hearts of the evil-doers of Gotham.

Highly detailed sculpt and paint shadowing reveal Bruce Wayne’s muscular physique, trained to the peak of human perfection, under the Batman outfit.

The new black and grey costume colors lend a darker, grittier look to the caped crusader, making him blend in better with the night, but he’ll still look great on your display shelves!


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